1. Do you collect my goods?

We like to collect all smaller, postable goods, as once an item is sold we often need to arrange for immediate packaging and dispatch. Larger items such as furniture and fittings will be photographed and then collected or removed by the buyer.

Sometimes it's not possible or suitable for collections to take place from a client's property, in which case we can remove your larger items for you. Service costs for basic removal and storage will be charged in addition to our regular fees. In this case, we have an extensive network of couriers, removalists and tradesman that we can recommend.

Rest assured, we always aim to keep costs to a minimum in order to maximise your profit. Simply ask us for a quote.

2. Who sets the prices?

When we visit your property, we will appraise all items and suggest reserve prices for auction. However, as they’re your goods, you get the final say regarding the price.

Keep in mind that the ‘right’ price is a big part of achieving the best sales result. If you’re unsure, let us take care of things for you - it’s what we do best!

3. Can I view my auctions?

To keep track of your auctions, simply click on the 'Live Auctions' tab on our home page, or click here, to view current auctions via our eBay shop. We suggest logging in to watch the last 5 minutes of your 7-day auctions.

By that point there will often be a bidding frenzy, as buyers tend to hold off before battling to win your goods!

Once your auctions have closed, we’ll email you the results along with a link to the final sale pages from eBay.

4. Who posts, who collects?

We'll have collected all postable items from you, so the moment your goods have been paid for, we'll ship them out to the buyer. Fear not – there is no bubble wrap or packing tape required on your part.

For larger goods still in your possession, we'll either put the buyer in touch with you directly to arrange a suitable time for removal and pick up, or we’ll have our drivers make contact.

If necessary, we’re able to recommend a range of storage and transport services for clients.

5. When will I be paid?

Once an item has sold, buyers can either pay for the goods via eBay's money transfer system (Paypal) or by cash on collection.

Sell for Me will provide an email summary outlining all sales and payment methods. We’ll then settle the account and transfer you the money from the sale minus any fees.

For cash sales, we'll issue an invoice for our fees after the sales have been completed.

6. How long does it all take?

Once the sale items have been photographed, we aim to have them listed online within 48 hours. If time is of the essence, listings can often be made within the same day.

Auctions run for 7 days. Once sold, postable items are generally paid for within 3-4 days. Buyers collecting larger pieces generally pick up within 7 days.

On a timeline? No problem. Let us know if you need things sold ASAP, or alternatively if you would like us to delay sale for a specific date. We can work in with whatever suits you.

7. Can you buy my goods?

Clients sometimes ask if we purchase goods. In short, we can offer that service, but it may not be the most economical method of disposal.

We will need to factor in removal and storage costs, as well as margins from reselling the goods. However, feel free to name a price - we'll do our very best to offer you a healthy sum in exchange for your goods.

8. eBay or traditional auction house?

We often find that our clients aren't aware of what can be sold online. The eBay marketplace is as large as it is varied. Not being confined to time and place, it’s truly a global audience.

In fact, it’s common for clients to come to us with previously unsold auction goods. Once they’re listed online, we’re able to sell those items and achieve prices that far exceed the traditional auction house prices. This rule applies to specialist items too - the modern day collector will always search on eBay.